Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Another Year Over, and A New One Has Begun! (Part 3)

Sorry to take so long to continue from the previous post. I came down with a cold and boy did it knock me down. Last year I got a flu shot and made it through with flying colors. When the races didn't do them we meant to go get one but kept putting it off. I will surely be taking care of that here soon since we'll be traveling to New Orleans by train, I don't need to catch something along the way. We'll be receiving our 20 year plaque as owner's. So excited!

As the year ended, many emotions were flying about. With the loss of someone so dear and young, so quickly, the loss to her mother is unimaginable. Just a thought would make the tears flows for her. That would then lead to pray for comfort and strength for her, her family, and for God to embrace us all. It brought back memories of our own losses at the exact time of year.

2003 was our year of healing and growing after 2001-2002 when we lost all 3 parents within 11 months. As novice grandparents, we were catching on to this new role of ours on this journey. I also went through a lot of physical and occupational therapy back then and over the years after, continue relearning what I could, accepting what I couldn’t and getting stronger for the road ahead. Some times I can’t believe it’s been 15 years since this journey began. I revisited my very first post from 2007 that briefly outlined parts of this journey and how some prior injuries and new illnesses created some long term effects. In 2004 we made a BIG choice that many didn’t believe was right nor did they understood why. Looking at where I am now, because I made that choice, I praise God daily for this journey. The consequences from that choice were not all bad, in fact, I think some pretty awesome stuff has happened and continues to happen from those choices. With each consequence we turned a corner to a better life. Oh, yes, there were times I wanted to throw in the towel, but something, that being God’s Love, was bigger then any man made remedy on earth. I went after QUALITY instead of Quantity, and I think I have received both!

The Journey still moves at God’s pace. My abilities are diminishing and getting harder to cover up. My mind has it’s own reaction to this, and some days I am swimming against the current, while other days I’m flowing with it. I rest, plan, and prepare for all types of adventures, from doctors to travel. Spontaneous activities can cause some unwanted emotional reactions or outburst. A long term activities can land me flat for a few days, but in the end, I wouldn’t have wanted it any different, well maybe less drama, but the moments in between the difficulties surpass any discomfort. The memories made outshine the few moments of disruptions. All is forgiven, all is understood, and the Journey continues on!

What is still consistent, are the some Holiday traditions….

Like building a Gingerbread House and decorating Sugar Cookies at Grandmas. Usually we get our house from Bountiful Baskets, a food co-op, but this year the sign up date came and went while we were preoccupied with heavy hearts and family life. So we found a house that was just to decorate (NOT TO EAT – once you’ve had fresh made gingerbread, there is no going back) and of course I made our sugar cookies from scratch.


On the even years, the “Grand’s” are with the ex’s and their family. Before we use to create a magical holiday before they went or when they got back. It was crazy fun! But as the “Grand’s” grow up, teaching them to wait for the holiday is more important now then creating the day like we did when they had no idea what day it really was. Christmas with under 5’s are the most magical to me, and when they grow to learn the truth about the Big Guy, and the reason for the season, other traditions begin as well. Church on Christmas Eve. Keeping secrets. Help in wrapping. To Christmas shopping and decorating. The list has endless of possibilities. Having 4 and a half in this age bracket, teaching allows them to set an example for the younger “Grand’s” which then gives them the feeling like they are a part of this journey. How can I not be a happy grandma. Watching these 8 “Grand’s” enjoying life, enjoying the holiday, is just magical.

The photo above was from 2012. Time to get a new one taken, hint, hint! For now a candid collage will have to do. It just amazes me how much each of them has grown. Similar in many ways, yet different in many ways too. Our Journey Through LIFE is so blessed!


The New Year is going to bring so many more memories,  treasuring each and every one of them.

Over the last few years while being tested, poked and pricked, you meet many people you wouldn’t have met if you weren’t going through what you are. Each of them leave something with you and I believe I leave something with them. People who are going through a certain journey see life a whole lot different. You are never who you were in the beginning, and you have changed and grown as the journey needed, into who you are today. How is that not a gift from God? Along this journey pray has been the beginning and the ending to each day, and sometimes numerous times during the day if I need Him, or if someone else needs Him. I love that of Him, anytime, anywhere!

Life is a Journey, Not a Destination! That has become our motto over that couple years! If something is in our way, we’ll either move it or go around it, or just plow right over the top! Nothing is going to stop us now!

Our Journey Through LIFE will grow in a direction this year that God has been preparing us for. I’m excited to see the view along the way. All we can do is enjoy the ride!

May the New Year bring good things to all you who read me. Thanks for taking the time, I’m glad you did.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Really, It’s Already Over! (Part 2)


When it’s raining, it’s pouring!

IMG_5831     IMG_5838

Thankful that the storms around here always move by quickly. A sign that even hard times will again be a thing of the past. Sometimes the path has bad weather, but it too shall pass!


I LOVE the fall!

The weather is changing.

Crops are being harvested.

Leaves are beginning to fall.

Plus there are “Grand” baseball games to attend!

IMG_6650   IMG_6654

Sometimes it’s even a family thing…


This year, his team won their way into the play offs as the wild card. And just like the Giants, they brought home the trophy! Our grandson’s first trophy and boy was he excited!


As always October brings our Annual Boo Bash…our 6th Annual be exact. It’s always a lot of fun and the work of putting it together seems trivial when during the festivities the giggles and gratitude makes it all worth it! The older “Grand’s” even enjoy helping to set up and create. The girls had fun smashing Oreo's to use as dirt for our pudding cups.  The boy’s seemed to enjoy the building of things. We didn’t have as big a turn out as other years, but it was still a blast.



Immediately after the Boo Bash, and I mean like 2 days later, we were packed up and heading to NASCAR with the new trailer.

Old Trailer

For almost 10 years, the old lady served us well! Our New Journey will make the next 10 just as memorable.


It was so nice to be there early. No stress in trying to park with other’s already in place. It was tight with the old trailer when we arrived later. Not that the hubby couldn’t park it right on the line, it was me. I am so thankful he knows just how to do it! It also gave us time to goof off some before the “Grand’s” arrived.


Of course we need our annual pre-race picture!


Being down on the start finish line was awesome and the kids had a really good time.


All packed up, ready to head home!


We barely got her unpacked before our world was rocked again with some tragic news. Yes, last year we had a similar thing happen. This one was even worse. For the next few weeks, who am I kidding, I still grieve and like now it was and still is minute by minute. One little thought can set off a memory and the tears just flow. It is times like this I miss my mom’s, even after 13 years, it isn’t any easier. Loss is loss and you know the road ahead for those closest, and for yourself. However, I am not super women and I have my days. If you have been reading me since the beginning, you’ll understand how hard this stuff can be.

With that I need to do this in 3 parts. I really thought when I began updating I would be able to get past this part. Maybe even leave it out. But then that would be leaving her out, and she someone who shined bright and had great love to share.

Please, just pray for my family. For their loss of someone so young and that God continues to heal her 3 year old son. No words will ever fully explain the pain so many are going through. When her celebration of life has been planned, maybe I will share more. Till then, your prayers mean the world to so many!

Tomorrow I will conclude the Holidays on Our Journey Through LIFE! 

Really! It’s Already Over? (part 1)

Hadn’t realized it had been 6 months since the last time I posted. This will hopefully be another change in the NEW YEAR!
Where did the time go?
More like, where did we go or what did we do, anywhere we possibly could, and anything we wanted, didn’t want, or needed to go or do!
I had wanted to write a post before we got to far into the fall and Christmas season, but that didn’t happen. We only went from busy to busier and didn’t slow down till the week of Christmas. (Yes, I typed that correctly, I had spare time the week of Christmas and I’ll tell you all about it, later though!)
Last posting was of our wonderful trip our daughter gave us, but I forgot to post the finished collage.
Remember I had this blank section…
I LOVE this updated version of a tradition that just kind a happened…
Disneyland 2014 2
I’m sure you have seen these benches outside the parks. Love them! They are perfect for climbing on and photo ops. I hope they never take them away. Little man got his picture taken as well and a new tradition continues!


    Our 6th Grader Graduated
         Onto Junior High!

Of course we had to throw an End Of Elementary Year’s School Party to celebrate,
along with a Birthday Party for his brother who turned 3! Combining parties is a win-win!
What a wonderful day it was with everyone having a really good time!
We got a new neighbor on The Funny Farm!
Her name is 4X, because she crawls over everything like a 4 wheel truck!
Grandpa loves giving forklift rides.
I decided to build a Gnome Garden at the entrance to the “Grand” Beach. Which included redoing the path around the tree, then moving the hopscotch and widening the beach, PHEW! Thank God I now have a young man who comes to help me with these type projects. Which is why hubby found him because I can’t keep up with it all anymore. Progression on the IBM Journey has forced us to regroup, adapt, and overcome another step of this journey. August showed us how quick one test can change everything. As if we didn’t already know it could or would! We were just content in the world we had created not worrying about the could’s or would’s, as if those are real words, but then we don’t think this world is real at times either! One appointment brought great new, while another, not so much. We’ll focus on the great part, give the not so much stuff to God, and continue working on that path God has planned for us…
By mid month part of the path had been fully transformed.
And the beach was widened…
And the hopscotch was raised and leveled.
Come spring it will be ready for another super sack of sand.
Then on our way home from an appointment we found something we hadn’t really been looking for. I mean, we look at them all the time. My girl was 20 years old, in great shape with great memories, but was getting tired. So with the good news we received, we decided to check out Camping World in Avondale to see what they had. Just a lot of the same we had been seeing, but there, off to the side was this sweet looking girl…
I loved her at first sight!
But she wasn’t listed for sale. Someone had just traded her in and the keys weren’t available. The blinds didn’t allow us to see in the windows. The salesman would let us know what was going on with it by our return the following week. With that in mind we made an extra effort to be sure we had found a good deal. Searched on line for information and we were liking what we found. We also looked at a couple others and by the time we returned the next week 2 other units were in the running. I wouldn’t decide on which one until I saw the inside of that one! I hadn’t heard from the salesman by the day we were back in town but I still had one more unit I wanted to see, so before we headed out I shot him an email. By the time we got out of our appointment, which had some PERFECT results, I had heard back from him. He had the KEY!
Hmmm, God’s putting things in our path? Have faith  Don’t question!
The minute he opened her door, the second I stepped into her, took another step and sat on the sofa, I just went, “This is it!” I didn’t need to see anymore. Oh and he thought he was going to have an easy sale from there! Oh, no! Just because I LOVED her didn’t mean I didn’t want a GREAT deal also. After a bit of figuring back and forth, I got her for what I wanted to spend and a SOLD sign was put in the window. One thing I learned when buying an RV, you don’t just drive off with them. In our case there were a few things that needed attention and we had to bring them our trailer as a trade in.
In the meantime we had a birthday to celebrate and on the way we found an RV park just minutes from our son.
After cake and presents, nothings more fun then a family game of croquette! Ok, maybe there are somethings that could be more fun, but for today, at that moment, it was the funniest thing to be doing and enjoyed each and every laugh and giggle!
And then the following week we got our move-in date….
I wish I could write it was a dream from that moment on but that was not the case! Even being understanding of the heat and the two monsoons that blew through, I was disappointed in how it was handled from the first. After getting a bit pushy, the owner stepped up and made everything right, just as it should have been. However that required us having to take her back over where it took almost 2 weeks to get her back!
Yep, another Birthday!
She’s HERE!
                It took ten days, a new AC unit installed, drawers fixed and some other electrical thingy replaced, but she’s back home!
They delivered her instead of us having to drive the 3 hours back. We also got so more new things to sweeten the deal along with cash for the gas we wasted. Though I will never take my unit to be serviced at this location, the salespeople and the store managers are awesome. We saw them 2 months later at the NASCAR races and had some great laughs and vents. Now all I do is enjoy her. In fact, it took me a week to pack her up and her maiden voyage was to Chula Vista, CA, with an ocean and sunset view!
And a NEW Journey Through LIFE has begun!
A lot of changes over the last 6 months and more to come.
Stay tune for part two…
and WARM hugs!


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